Automobile Emissions Test : Everything You Need To Know

Automobiles are leading source of air pollution. Every person should agree to keep our mother planet healthy.

Not only but also clean air is a national concern addressed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Because of this, in most countries, governments adding laws to check automobile emissions frequently.

The rules and regulations are different from kind of the vehicle or fuel type it use, such as petrol or diesel.

Some automobile owners are doesn’t like these rules because it cause to spent extra money to test and of field the test they have to repair your automobile and test again, before drive on road.

But as a person who care about our Mother Nature, you ma good to being with these rules and get tested your vehicle emissions regularly.

What is automobile emissions test?

Emissions test for automobile is, a test to measuring the toxic levels of exhaust gases produced by vehicles on the road.

These tests are doing for ensure the amount of tailpipe emissions produce by automobile engines, to check that vehicle meets the rules and regulations, provided by the government.

Do all cars need emissions test?

Nope, Not everyone !, as we talked earlier these emission tests doing for ensure the toxic levels provided by vehicle.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) prescribes strict emissions standards that keeps our environment away from these negatively affecting air pollution.

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Most countries have rules for automobile emissions, for an example in some countries, people have to get automobile emissions test at least one a year from authorized part and submit it into the Motor Traffic Department.

If some one who fails this emissions test, they have to get repaired the issues in their vehicle, then check again.

I’m not gonna talk here about fully electric automobiles, because they doesn’t have any exhaust pipe :).

But everyones opinion is, if you love your Mother Nature, you may get test your automobile emissions at least every two years.

How to do this test?

Automobile Emissions Test
Automobile Emissions Test

There are few different types of inspections that automobile have to through, depending mainly on manufacture year of the vehicle.

In some countries, model 1996 and newer automobiles have to do On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) system check.

Automobiles made before 1996 or one’s that doesn’t have OBD system, may have to go through an inspection and maintenance (I/M240 Dynamometer) test.

To ensure the type of test you may have to do on your automobile, check your government regulations for specific on your exact automobile.

The OBD test.

If your vehicle made after 1996, most of your vehicles have OBD system. By using an OBD checking equipments, can check your vehicle’s OBD system for check, is there any issues related to emissions and mainly find out the components of your vehicle that controlling emissions.

The I/M240 test

There is a tool called “Dynamometer” in automobile workshops. It is kind of a treadmill for vehicles.

In this test, your vehicle will operate on the dynamometer and using other tools, technicians are analyzing the toxic gas levels on your vehicle in road conditions.

Reasons for fail the test

White Smoke

There are few common reasons to fail emissions test include :

1.Rich air-fuel mixture.

This happening might be due to issues in carburetor, injectors or oxygen sensors.

2.Dirty or damaged air filter.

In you emissions test repot, hydrocarbon levels in exhaust gas might be high due to clogged or dirty air filter.

3.Weak spark plugs.

Weak spark plugs can also lead to increase toxic gases.

4.Issues with gas cap

Leaking gas cap might be one of the reason to a vehicle to fail and emissions test.

5.Faulty catalytic converter

catalytic converter is a unite that convert vehicles’s toxic gases into non-toxic gases. This unite can be damaged, if so it can’t clear the toxic gases properly.

How to be good on vehicle emissions test?

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Good Exhaust

We talked earlier, the reasons to fail the emissions test. So you may now know automobile maintenance, causes most of the issues that result in test failure.

Here are few things you should care about : 

1.Make sure, your vehicle’s fuel injection system working properly.

2.Change your vehicle spark plugs regularly.

3.Change or clean vehicle’s air filter.

4.Check is there any leaking exhaust pipes or gas cap.

5.Inspect catalytic converter of your vehicle before emissions test.

With all of these, it’s simple to say, take proper care about your automobile and do essential maintenance tasks regularly, such as thing I mentioned above.


Automobile emissions tests are essential when we thing about over lives and over Mother Nature. Because vehicles producing so much toxic gases to the air.

Lot of countries have rules and regulations to minimize the impact of this. You can test your automobile emissions by nearest emission test center.

But before the test I recommend , get inspect your automobile by professional for being without fail.

Thank you for reading this article.

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