Future Of Automobile Technology : All You Need To know

Future automobile technology is changing dramatically day by day with huge competition among automobile manufactures in the world.

Think for a second about old “Karl Benz’s” first car and now cars. It’s much like computers can put in our pocket right? So currently cars can do much more stuff than just ride and park.

Future Automobiles are getting smarter and smarter like our cell phones, for an example Cars using mapping technology to drive autonomously.

Future Of Automobile Technology

As we discussed earlier, automobile industry have significantly changed by many improvements.

Future automobile designs
Future designs

Most leading automobile manufacturers unveiled their future projects, places like motor shows.

So each and every manufacturer Trying to beat power economy of them and also include more and more modern technology to them.

According to some resources, analytics predict that world leading tech companies such as google and apple are also engaged with those popular automobile manufacturers to bring us the newest technology in the future.

Future Automobile Changing Aspects

There are so many possible features to include on a future automobiles, lets discuss about each and every one of them below.

Power Efficiency

Future car power
Power Economy

Nowadays we have cars that use electricity as main power source to run.

But in future, smart automobiles will be more efficient than they are are right now.

Nowadays we have cars that use electricity as main power source to run. But in future, smart automobiles will be more efficient than they are are right now.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Self Driving

(AI) Self Driving car
Self Driving in future

Now a days some automobile companies tasing their self-driving (driver-less) cars on open roads, most of the steering part is doingBy this AI system.

These systems collecting data from using hundreds of sensors, road cameras, satellites and other road vehicles.

After collecting data, The AI system applying algorithms to drive system to automate the automobile’s driving process.

Also this AI technology one day will convert our future automobiles to IOT devices with can control by using smart phone even a ring You wearing.

Future Automobile : Power Sources

  • Gasoline
fuel types - gasoline

Still the majority of automobiles are driven by using gasoline as their main fuel. But in future automobiles, an alternative will come definitely.

  • Electricity & Hybrid
PHEV technology
PHEV technology

Fully electric and hybrid vehicles are getting popular these days. In hybrid cars, also fuel economy approximately 33% grater that normal gasoline powered motor engine.

But the hybrid automobiles also relying on a gasoline engine to recharge its batteries in the mean time.

With that matter nowadays automobile manufacturers designing fully electric powered motor cars. But its biggest challenge is, with fully charged electric battery — we only can travel limited distance and also getting hours to charge battery again.

But the good news is, worlds leading automobile manufacturers think to bring wireless or inductive charging technology to future automobiles.

This technology uses magnetic fields to transfer energy from charging place to car and it will be just efficient as plugging through a direct wire.

  • Hydrogen

Most of leading automobile manufacturers have has hydrogen-powered cars under development. This hydrogen is also not bad for environment.

As we all know this gasoline fuel will end one day and definitely an alternative fuel will take place as primary fuel for automobiles before 2030.

Passenger And Vehicle Safety

future car Intelligence

When talking about automobile safety, airbags and seat belts are the first thing that coming to our mind.But in currently and future there are more complex stuff than an airbags.Such as,

  • Automatic High-beam control pixel led head lamps
  • Road sign detection facility
  • Obstacle avoidance system
  • Automatic braking
  • Radar based detection
  • Automatic emergency steering
  • Biometric keys
  • etc…

Communication Protocoles

Future Of Automobile Technology - communication

Nowadays every new car has a Global Positioning Systems (GPS), so this is going to be a standard to all New cars.

As we talked about Artificial intelligence (AI) Technology earlier, this GPS system is essential to every autonomously driving vehicle.

Also automobile manufactures include radio frequency to communicate vehicle to vehicle (V2V) , so cars will detect when another car getting close to it and that may help to avoid accidents


Future Of Automobile Technology-Future car designs
Future car designs

When talking about future automobile designs, everyones eye and mind going to body (or exterior) of a vehicle.

Here’s the science, every moving objects needs a aerodynamic shape to move through the air with small amount of energy.

In old days can’t see the car manufactures thanked about those aerodynamics at all. But currently body aerodynamic is one Of the key feature of car design.

Engineers and scientists use advanced technologies to design a good body design that can move through the air like a feather.


Material that mainly use in automobile is most heavier thing. But in future car body will be lighter rather than engine and other components.

Also automobile or car’s weight mainly affects on the fuel economy. To reduce this unwanted weight, automobile manufacturers using lite weight materials to build chassis and body.

Future Of Automobile Technology -materials
Materials – CF

In future automobiles, body will mainly constructed from materials such as carbon fiber / epoxy composite that is strong as Steel and weight less 30% than metal.

But with the expensiveness of materials, scientists research on implementing a new high-tech material. That is more lighter, stronger and cheaper.

Final Words

The conversion to the future of automobiles will not be soon, because these technologies needs ground support too.

For an example, an autonomous driving car need good road conditions , better traffic signers and more accurate data to manage its path. So this will take some time to build up their facilities such as roads.

Thank you for reading this article.

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