Top 4 Dumb Things NOT to do to Your Car

We’ve been working on cars in many years and in all that time I’ve seen people do some pretty dumb things with their cars and here are Top 4 dumb things not to do to your car.

So today I’m gonna talk about a few of them so you don’t do them to your own car.

Never Jump Start A Car Backwards

Top 4 Dumb Things NOT to do to Your Car - jump start

If you look at any car better you’ll see one side has a plus and the other side has a minus on it.

And of course the plus is the positive cable and the minus is a negative cable.

So when you jumpstart a car, get the red positive cable stick it on the positive battery.

Then get the other positive cable you jumper cables the red one and stick it on the positive terminal of your battery so that’s easy to tell that.

Positive Terminal

Many car batteries have the markings under the battery terminals so you can’t see those.

If you don’t know which is which move the battery terminals out of the way so you can see which is plus and which is minus. 

Because off you hook them up backwards, you’re gonna have serious electrical problems in your car.

You can destroy the alternator, you can destroy the main computer of the car and you can fry all kinds of stuff.

So never jumpstart a car backwards it only takes a few seconds to check always put the positive on a positive and the negative on the negative.

Don’t Run A Car Out Of Gas

Top 4 Dumb Things NOT to do to Your Car - low fuel running

If you’re running low on gas put some more gas in. 

Don’t try to start a car that’s run out of gas and here’s why. 

If your guest gauge really is on empty and the car won’t start stop it right there.

Because if you keep cranking the engine with a car out of gas the fuel pump will suck air and burn itself out

And that’s because most motor cars have their fuel pumps inside the gas tank. 

Fuel Pump

And strange as it sounds the gasoline lubricates the bearings in the electric pump. 

And if you run out of gas in the sucks air it burn the pump out.

Then you have to crawl under the car pull off the gas tank and change the pump assembly and some of

these pumps cost more than five or six hundred dollars.

So if your gas gauge is stuck on empty don’t keep trying to start the car, put some gas in at first.

Change Oil Frequently

Top 4 Dumb Things NOT to do to Your Car - change oil

The next dumb thing I see all the time is people not changing their oil frequently enough.

In past, I saw lots of engines blow up because the people didn’t change the oil enough.

And it’s even more important in modern vehicles because most of them have variable valve timing.

Most modern cars have variable valve timing (VVT) engines even more small holes that oil has to go through.

And if you clog them up and ruin that you can spend thousands fixing that.

Fully synthetic oil

So if you’re using conventional motor oil change the oil and filter every three or four thousand miles.

I don’t care what they suggest, and also I change mine every three or four and never have engine problems.

And if you’re one of those people who always seems to forget to change the oil you should use fully synthetic oil.

You can change that every seven or eight thousand miles it costs a lot more but it also lasts not longer. 

Not Changing Coolant  On Time

Top 4 Dumb Things NOT to do to Your Car - change coolant

The last dumb thing I’m gonna talk about is the failure to change the coolant in your car.

Coolant wears out over time that should be changed up. 

It’s a simple thing to do if you have conventional antifreeze you change it once every three years.

And if you use extended life antifreeze you can change it out once every five years.

No big deal but don’t forget to do it.

Because modern engines have a lot of aluminum parts and aluminum doesn’t rust but it corrodes very badly if the anti-corrosion parts of the antifreeze break down. 

So now you know learn from other people’s mistakes and keep your car running smoothly down the road.

Alright guys, I hope you learn some of the top 4 dumb things not to do to your car

And Remember if you have any car questions please don’t forget to comment below. Thanks for reading. Peace.

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