Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

Today I’m going to give you the Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips to make your car last as long as it possibly can.

Change your engine oil regularly,

Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips - 1.change oil

change your engine oil regularly and if you do no other maintenance on your car, do that.

That’s what makes automobiles last the longest, and be sure to use the oil that’s specified, here on a cap this one says 10w30, 

sae30 oil cap

And with late-model cars it’s even more important, because a lot of modern automobiles are

made only to use synthetic oil, that cars got to use a 0w ten or 0w 20 oil.

So those cars are so complicated inside, with variable valve timing (VVT), those automobiles have to have very good oil flow.

You got to keep it clean, and you have to use the correct viscosity.

Check Power Steering Fluid

Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips 2.PS Fluid

Remove the power steering fluid cap and check the color of oil.

The oil should be red or yellow color if the steering system is good.

But If the oil color is darker that means the pump is worn.

If it’s really low on fluid it can whine too, but if oil tank completely full of fluid,

the dirty fluid has worn it out and now it will need some expensive work. 

Now if you would have just changed the power steering fluid, you don’t need to do it that often. 

Maybe once every four or five years, it would keep it clean and then it wouldn’t have those problems.

Take Care Of The Body

Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips - polish

If you want to keep your car shiny, you want to wax the thing. 

It’s a good idea to wax it four times a year, once a season.

As nutty as it sounds, the paint on your car has to remain somewhat flexible. 

Waxing keeps it flexible, if it’s not and it dries up, then your paint all cracks and looks horrible.

Check Coolant 

Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips -  coolant

The fourth maintenance item is coolant.

Now decades ago you had to change the coolant every three years,

Because that’s all it was good for. 

But modern cars use extended life, so check with your car what it uses. 

Some coolant even go seven years or 200,000 miles, so just check on what yours is change it at those intervals.

Just look at it this way, coolant is cheap, engines are super expensive 🙂 

Check Automatic Transmission Fluid

Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips - transmission fluid change

change your automatic transmission fluid, it gets dirty over time. 

And again decades ago manufactures told you to change the automatic transmission filter and fluid every 30,000 miles. 

But now modern cars have better metal and technology. 

You can change them a lot less frequently, but I still don’t believe in this lifetime fluid nonsense. 

Because all fluids get dirty and start to wear stuff internally from friction,

and you’d want to use the correct fluid just like the oil, you want to use the one that that manufacturer uses.

But you still want to change it say every forty to seventy thousand miles, if you’re like me and want to drive your car a long time. 


Every car or automobile need to maintain regularly to give longer life to your automobile.Maintaining your car won’t require as much repair on its parts.

Mainly you should consider about all fluids of the automobile such as engine, power steering and transmission. If you maintain your car regularly it will save you extra bugs in your pocket. 

Thanks for reading my article, and hope you got Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips that i recommend. Peace.

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