Vehicle Loans : All You Need To Know

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Most people in the world tend to buy car or an automobile by borrowing  a vehicle loans from a financial company and then paying it off in installments.

There are so many benefits when purchase a vehicle by using a finance or auto-loan. In this article I’m gonna cover every thing you need to know about vehicle loans.

What are vehicle loans?

“A vehicle loan (also known as an automobile loan, finance, or auto loan) is amount of money a person borrows in order to buy a vehicle”

The party that gives the  money is known as the “Lender”, while the party borrowing the money is called the ”Borrower”.

Vehicle Loans - LENDER & BORROWER
lender with borrower

In a vehicle loan, a borrower should agrees to pay the amount as well as any interest that usually calculated on an annual basis, buy a certain date, typically by monthly.

However in logically speaking, the borrower doesn’t own the vehicle yet; the finance company or bank (Lender) owner the vehicle until you (Borrower) has finished paying off the total loan including interest.

History of vehicle loans

After world war 1, General Motors (GM) was one of the leading automobile manufacture.

In 1919 General Motors established a business called General Motors Acceptance Coperation (GMAC). This business rise up well among American vehicle buyers after the world war 1.


In 1920 General Motors opened its first branch in united kingdom, expanding their business. Because of the profitability in vehicle loan business, other automobile manufacturers began to develop their own financing divisions.

The advantages and disadvantages of vehicle loans.

Now a days getting a vehicle loan is really simple deal. But it implies a certain amount of responsibility and it will have some things to worry about later.

Here are some of the pros and cons when getting a vehicle loan.


1.Easy to get the loan

2.Need small capital for buy a vehicle

3.Making monthly payments

4.Legal in many countries



1.Lender (bank) will be the owner of the vehicle until pay off total loan amount.

2.People getting broke by getting expensive unaffordable vehicles.

3.If you doesn’t payment regularly, finance company can seize your vehicle.

4.Have to fully insured your vehicle.

How to get a vehicle loan?

Vehicle Loans - Happy customers
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There are mainly two ways to get a vehicle loan. First one is to get loan from a direct lender, and the second is to get one from a car dealer.

I’m going to tell you about how to get a vehicle loan from direct lenders, with a direct lender, you can find a car that you like and then go visit a financial company.

The procedure might be change little bit but, Here are the most common steps to get a vehicle loan.

1.Choose your vehicle.

Visit vehicle show room or reputable dealer and find your dream vehicle. Then keep the basic information, such as the model, price and your monthly income details.

2. Go to a finance company.

Finance company or bank will get your vehicle details, then ask from you about your monthly income and initial capital you have. Maybe be you’ll need some previous salary slips.

3.Submit the documents.

You have to submit documents such as your income, ID and address proof , vehicle valuation report and maybe some people to bail.

4.Finalize the vehicle loan.

After submitting above documents, you have to discuss with finance company or bank the details of the vehicle loan such as monthly interest rates, processing fee and final payment you’ll have to do on monthly basis.

5.Drive away with your dream vehicle.

Your financial company or bank will transfer the funds you want via payment method you want. Once the all parts are done, take possession of your vehicle and enjoy the ride.

How to choose party for get vehicle loan?

Vehicle Loans -  choose a party

As we discussed earlier now a days most financial giving vehicle loan facility, even automobile manufactures also providing these facilities.

But there are major down side and that is, some companies trying to trick people by telling some kind of lies.

Our opinion is when you cooking a company to get vehicle loan, go to the one that recommend by government or trustable party.


A vehicle loan is a sum of money that person take out in order to purchase a motor vehicle. This business was begun after world war 1.Vehicle 

Loans are structured as monthly installments. Also there are few upsides and downsides in vehicle loans. Getting a vehicle loan from a trusted party is a simple part, you can drive your dream vehicle easily.

I hope this article help you to get good knowledge about vehicle loans.Thank you for reading.

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