What Is An Automobile? : Everything You Need To Know

Automobile (or car) is a vehicle that working by a motor an engine and also, mainly developed for travel rather than transport goods to one place to another. But it’s seating capacity can’t be more than eight passengers (including the driver).

First of all, when we talking about automobiles, almost the other popular name for an automobile is the “Car”, it’s delivered from Latin word “Carrus” or “Carum” and that means a wheeled vehicle, finally after years that Latin word transited into the “CAR”.

Use Of Automobiles And What’s Considered An Automobile?

classic car

An automobile (or car) is considered a moving motor powered vehicle that mainly uses for transportation. Most of my resources about automobiles say, “Automobiles run primarily on roads, include one to eight-passenger seating capacity, have four tires and as I said earlier, also use for mainly transport human rather than goods.

These cars came in to play during the 20th century and most countries build up there economy by depending on the automobile industry.

What Was The First Ever Car?

Benz patent-motor wagon is the first-ever car that made by German inventor “Karl Benz” in 1886. Also, this is the birth year of the modern motor car.

Motorwagon – Image from wikipedia

Over the decades, additional functions and features added into the motor vehicles, while making them much complex and also faster.
But with these additional features, it’s not complex to drive or passengers. So it’s easier and reliable to operate.

Oldest Automobile Companies In The World

Oldest Automobile Brands In The World

As we talked about the oldest motor car in the world here are some oldest car brands and companies that are still in the vehicle manufacturing industry today.

  • Peugeot (1810)
  • Tatra (1850)
  • Opel Automobile (1862)
  • Mercedes-Benz (1883)
  • LandRover (1896)
  • Renault (1899)
  • Fiat

What Is Not An Automobile?

You must know one thing, actually, you can’t name every vehicle that has four wheels and carries people as an “Automobile” because there are some vehicles, so we can’t put into that category. Therefore here are few of them,

  • An ambulances
  • Police or Fire emergency-response vehicles
  • Hearse in a functional business
  • Boats
  • Ships
  • An aircrafts

Difference Between An Automobile And Motor Vehicle

First of all, The simple definition to the vehicle is anything that moves you such as Aircraft, Ships, Trains, Bicycle, and even a Rollercoaster 🙂 are all vehicles and also, as we talked earlier an automobile is on only one of vehicle category, also It can describe as,

All automobiles are vehicles, 
but not all vehicles are automobiles

Types Of Automobiles

Body types

There are many types of automobiles but based on a few elements. So let’s find out those elements each on by one.

Based on Load

  • Heavy Transport Vehicle (HTV) or Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV)
  • Lite Transport Vehicle (LTV) or Lite Motor Vehicle (LMV)

Based on Number Of Wheels

  • Three wheeler
  • Four wheel vehicle – e.g : Trucks
  • Six wheel vehicles – e.g : Trucks , Buses

Based on Fuel Kind

  • Petrol vehicle – e.g : Scooters
  • Diesel vehicle – e.g : Vans
  • Electric Vehicle – e.g : Electric cars
  • Hybrid Vehicle – e.g : Hybrid cars
  • Gas

Based on Body Style

  • Two door spots car
  • Hatch back
  • Sedan
  • Limosine
  • Hardtop
  • Van
  • Pick-up truck

Based on Driving Axle

  • Front wheel drive
  • Rear wheel drive
  • All wheel drive

Based on Driving Side

  • Left-hand drive
  • Right-hand drive

Based on Engine Position

  • Front engine e.g : Most cars
  • Rear engine e.g : Luxury motor coach

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Having An Automobile

Likewise owning an automobile (or car) is an important thing nowadays, while it helps to travel and transport. Also for older people who have difficulties, using a car is often the only option for their healthy lifestyle.

Advantages Of Having An Automobile

  • Private cars are lot more comfortable than bicycle or a bus.
  • Have more privacy to passengers.
  • Also Easy to manage time, because it’s owner can decide the the time to move.
  • Can avoid noise, such as dust and other environmental stuff
  • Can schedule our time and destination.

Disadvantages Of Having An Automobile

  • Because of its expensiveness, most people can’t afford it.
  • Costs additional money to maintain and repair it. Also have to pay tax and renew license.
  • Due to fossil fuel consumed car is contributing to rice of global warming and it’s affecting to the ozone layer.
  • Also have to worry about safety of the vehicle and parking places.

Final Word

This post seems like, you’ve got a good knowledge of automobiles. Finally thank you for reading this and if you have any suggestions please comment below.

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