What is automobile Engineering ?: All You Need To Know

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Automobile engineering is a field concerned with automobile design, development, production and safety testing.

This is also known as automotive engineering.

In this industry engineers are working together to improve and develop an automobile, technological components.

To build or implement an automobile, requires a large number of professionals the specialized in various areas in vehicle.

Some of these areas include, aero dynamics (body design), emission control, safety and automobile software.

What is automobile or automotive industry?

“Automobile industry is a business that producing self-powered vehicles to human purposes”

What is automobile engineering - industry
Automobile factory

As my resources the word (automotive) comes from the greek autos(self), and Latin motives(motion), referring to any kind of self-powered vehicle or an automobile.

Who is an automobile engineer?

An automobile engineer is a qualified person who responsible for the design, production and testing of an automobile.

What is automobile engineering ? - engineers

To enter this job field of automobile engineering, most employees should have at least more than 4 years of experience in an automotive engineering field.

Also some large automobile companies recruit only the persons who has at least a degree related to automobile engineering field.

The auto-engineering profession is ideal for people with an influence, interest and curious or enjoy working with automobiles.

Automobile engineering job categories

As we know, to produce an automobile requires a large number of engineers and professionals.

Also these professionals are specialized in only one ore few areas in an automobile.

For heart problem, we can’t channel a dentist right? 🙂 likewise we need to bunch of different professionals to complete the product.

What is automobile engineering ? - craftsman
Body re-designing

Here are some major categories :

  1. Designing & Fabrication
  2. Mechanical
  3. Electrical
  4. Testing and safety

Top 10 Responsibilities of automobile engineers.

As any field of engineering, Also every automobile engineer have their own responsibilities some of them are unique and depending on specialization.

Here are the ten:

  1. Prototype and Blueprint design
  2. Budget Management
  3. Material Selection
  4. Managing Equipments
  5. Quality Control
  6. Using Technology
  7. Safety Checking
  8. Analyze Results
  9. Product Improvement
  10. Report Writing

Job skills of an automobile engineer.

  1. Technical and working experience
  2. Team working
  3. Data Analyzing
  4. Problem solving
  5. Presentation

Automobile engineer career path.

There are many ways to become an automobile engineer such as, getting a degree in automobile mechanics, electrical or designing area.

Automobile engineer career path

It needs few years of working experience in relevant field to become an automobile engineer and even more experience and expertise to become senior position.

The position of automobile engineer is quiet challenging, because this field is updating day by day like other technological fields.

To hold the good position in this field, engineers should update with industry.

Advantages of being an automobile engineer.

If someone who invested in automobiles and are curious or enjoy finding out about mechanism or how it works, then a career in automobile engineeringIs advantage to their happiness.

  1. Ability to working with new technology
  2. Can work together with automobile enthusiasts like you
  3. Can achieve good place in society
  4. Competitive salaries
  5. Opportunities for further professional development

Automobile engineering salary.

The salary of automobile engineers are mainly depend on their level of experience and specialization in relevant area.

  1. Engineers with small experience in field can expect to make basically between 25000$-30000$ per annum.
  2. Automobile engineers with more than 10 years of experience, typically earn 35000$-50000$ per annum.
  3. Highly experienced and specialized in certain area make upward of 50000$ per annum.

Working hours of automobile engineering

Like other engineering fields, automobile engineers typically works 9 to 5 during weekdays. Some of special engineers little required overtime.

Who hires an Automobile engineers?

As we talked earlier this field is huge, so it diverts into many categories. There are some companies who hired automobile engineers and the are:

  • Automobile manufactures
  • Auto-repair Shops
  • Fuel Companies
  • Racing Companies
  • Tyre Companies
  • Transportation Companies

Final Words

Automobile engineering field is a perfect place to someone who had dream of become an engineer or love to solve problems and working with new technology.

Due to above matter entering this field is quite competitive and need some effort.

Also with experience and skills anyone can go much higher position in relevant area.

I hope you enjoyed this article and thanks for reading.

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